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4th floor Thamavit Bldg 1010/1 Saladang 1, Rama 4 Rd, Bangkok 10500 Thailand.
»Tel: (662) 2377856-8 »Fax: (662) 2377859 »Email: info@thamavit.co.th

  • 1st thamavit (Thamavit Office � business & legal consulting) company was found in 1956 then later in 1979 2nd thamavit (Thamavit Marketing) company to as a general trading in Industrial packaging & food processing equipments & plants. But in meeting Thailand's growing food processing & packaging industries, our company business becomes focus only on industrial marking system, 3rd thamavit (Thamavit Technology Supplies) & 4th thamavit (EBS inkjet-systems) were later found. BOI fairs 95 was marked as our 1st exhibition & Thailand market entry. And since our company has been growing 3 times the rate we original forecasted. Our success is large due our ongoing service & customers training program. Our service team can be contacted 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year. As a technology importer & distributor company, we serve our customers with selected from the world best.

  • Today, we continue to remain a leading supplier of Industrial Inkjet systems (both small character & large character printing) by constantly exploring & work with advanced technology. We are dedicated to providing service and technical support in Thailand, We serve from national carrier Thai International airline (catering), pharmaceutica,agro-chemicals, toiletory & cosmetic, consumer products, canned food, softdrink, rice packing, automotive spareparts, electronic industries

  • To contact Thamavit Group, directly complete a "Support" from this website or call for the name and number of the Thamavit Group's representative nearest you: (662) 2377856 - 8

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    4th floor Thamavit Bldg 1010/1 Saladang 1, Rama 4 Rd, Bangkok 10500 Thailand.
    Tel: (662) 2377856-8 Fax.: (662) 2377859 Email:info@thamavit.co.th